The baby making factory is closed – Sandra Ndebele


The baby making factory is closed as I’m looking at promoting my career. The song Tshibilika means turnaround something I’m really working on doing this year,” said Ndebele.

She said most of her energy was being invested in the making of quality music videos which she believes are key in promoting her music career.

On the new track, Ndebele collaborated with house musician Leeknotic who produced and recorded the song at Afro Platinum studios in Bulawayo. The afro pop song whose video was shot at Tin Cup under the guidance of award-winning video producer, Andy Cutta, will be included on her upcoming album set to be released later this year.

Sandra Ndebele says she is now focused on her career and is done with making babies. She has three children

She said hopefully, the music video will create the same buzz as Ingoma that has nearly 200 000 views on YouTube.



“It was a wonderful effort that we did with Andy Cutta on the visuals and Leeknotic on the vocals. Hopefully, the music video will generate the same or even surpass the hype and popularity of Ingoma.

“I’m however, confident that the music video will be popular because there were a lot of people who came for the shoot. So those who came will be looking forward to seeing themselves on the music video and probably tell their friends and family to watch it as well,” said Ndebele.