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Acie Lumumba apologises to Temba Mliswa




Political rouble rouser William Gerald Mutumanje (Acie Lumumba) has apologised to Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa for dragging his daughter to their fight.

“I retract my comments about your daughter. I should not even be responding to the madman called Temba Mliswa . I wish her all the best in her life, this has nothing to do with her. You  have women bashing and rape allegations to answer to, it will catch up with you!”The self styled communications strategist said.

On Wednesday, Mliswa said, “I once assisted the guy at OR Tambo airport whilst he was looking for money to go back home and he was looking like a destitute at a marketplace.”
Mliswa’s statements sparked a Twar between him and Mutumanje who then dragged Mliswa’s daughter in a highly-personalised attack.

“I have also assisted your daughter at my apartment whilst she was looking for rent money, she was looking like a destitute,” Mutumanje said.”Before you look after grown men, why not look after your children? Happy to name her for you if you want kuti mutaure naye (so that you talk to her), it s the lawyer.”

Mutumanje was last month briefly and irregularly appointed as the head of a communications taskforce in the Finance ministry.

Ncube was later pressured to sack him after he made staggering allegations on Facebook, on supposed illegal foreign currency dealings at the central bank – claims which shook Zanu-PF and the government to their core.

In that social media blast, Mutumanje named the four senior RBZ officials and Tagwirei as being at the centre of illegal foreign currency dealings- leading to the precautionary suspension of the central bank executives by governor John Mangudya.

In a leaked recorded voice message, Mutumanje  revealed seemingly nonchalantly that he had sold his soul to the devil  by accepting the money- which he claimed he needed desperately to send his ailing father for treatment in India.

Source: Nehanda

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