Tazvi Mhaka speaks out on alleged video involving his wife


Socialite and businessman Tazvi ‘Chief Joze’ Mhaka has disassociated his wife from the po_rnographic video circulating on social media in which she is said to have had se_x with her gardener.

Chief Joze described the word doing the rounds that his wife had se_x with their gardener as SADLY UNTRUE. Chief Joze said the purported infidelity of his wife was driven by his social standing and his business achievements.

“It has been a difficult week for me and my family but everything is well now. We have got to the bottom of everything now. It’s sadly untrue,” he said.

He defended the integrity of his wife, Ruby describing her as refined, mannered and trustworthy.


“The social media is abuzz with purported infidelity by my wife, friend and partner of more than 15 years. Nothing can be further from the truth than this absolute hogwash and filth. I absolutely and resolutely have nothing to fear or worry about as I find my beautiful wife a well refined, mannered and loyal person who unfortunately is being lynched by sick minds that can’t get used to my social and financial success,” he said.

Chief Joze also begged his family and friends to be at peace saying the rumours were just meant to shift his attention from achieving his goals and enjoy life. The businessman, who is known for a lavish lifestyle said although he does not spend his time on trivial issues this time he was forced to look into it out of love for his family and friends.

Family and friends be at peace on the full knowledge that this is just the work of polluted and stinking minds. It is his or her fertile imagination driven by nothing but malice. Idle minds are the workshop of this madness. We have no time, energy and emotions to waste on fiction and fables. I ordinarily don’t comment on brickbats of people hurting and hating. It however then crossed my mind that I have a huge circle of loving my family and friends who could have been disturbed by the hurtful work of this sick mind. So I made a considered decision to clarify that it is all fable without an iota of the truth,” he said.

Chief Joze also disowns the guys in the video who is purported to be his gardener saying he is a po_rn star based in United States of America according to his research.

“I don’t know both of the people involved in that video. The guy who was wearing dread locks was said to be Chief Joze’s gardener who took advantage of his boss’s busy business schedule to bonk ‘madam boss’. In the video, the dreadlocked man is seen in the bathroom with his trousers dropped to the knee level having se_x with an unidentified woman.