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Tazvi Mhaka lashes out at Zimbabweans who abuse social media




Businessman Tazvi Mhaka has slammed Zimbabweans who use social media to inflict pain on others.

He said : “Social and digital media are great innovations to celebrate life, unite people, uplift the human spirit, positively impact people and satisfy the social and esteem hierarchy.

I bemoan the excesses and irresponsibility of people who expend their energy, intellect and time to use the same to deliberately cause injury to the person of others with intention to cause pain. The needless distribution of other people’s actual or manipulated images for malicious intend should be frowned at. It is better to get a better paying job because the malice arena does not pay and I know those muddied are not in pain.

I believe that not everyone has a right to speak into your life. For those of my friends, associates, partners and social relations who have been muddied for their personal choices and often our association, be brave. Have relentless passion to gallop with speed to new horizons of more happiness. Pain has no space in our great lives.

As for me I choose life. I work hard and enjoy fruits of my sweat by playing hard. If I can’t uplift the human spirit as I always strive to, I will never deliberately harm anyone

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