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Take care of your husbands or we will snatch them away from you




A 38-year-old suspected hubby-snatcher from Kuwadzana has ordered married women to love and take care of their husbands or risk losing them.


Mazvita Maphosa of Kuwadzana 6 is at loggerheads with a married woman, Anna Mpofu, 34, on allegations of snatching the latter’s husband Innocent Homodza.

Anna alleges that Mazvita has wrecked her marriage of seven years, in which they are blessed with two children, resulting in her husband moving out of the house and cohabiting with Mazvita.

She alleges that her husband has stopped taking care of their children while looking after Mazvita’s children and grandchildren. She accused Mazvita of being a commercial sex worker and a gold digger who uses juju to lure and control men.

“She started having an affair with my husband, calling him at night and later on turned to me, provoking me and sending obscene messages,” she said. Innocent reportedly ditched his family in November last year, moving in with Mazvita or Mai Melo as she is known in her business of food vending.

Mai Melo, who is a single mum, accused Anna of abusing Innocent and kicking him out of their matrimonial house. She said God had answered her prayer to have a lover as she was single after separating from her husband in South Africa. She confirmed that she is staying with Innocent under one roof.

While Anna was ill-treating her husband and chasing him out of their house, I was praying to have someone to love and my prayer was answered. This man was being ill-treated and he has injuries on his body from this woman’s teeth. Men need to be loved.

I do not want anything from this man, I have my life and money but as a human being I only want love and that is what I’m getting and that is what men want. I do not use juju, she is the one who uses juju but to me it does not work because I’m a prayer warrior,” she declared.

Anna accused Mazvita of disturbing her peace, sending text messages insulting her. One of the messages read, “amai makasara, amai murikurwadziwa ende ndirikukw**wa good size.”

Mai Melo denied provoking Anna, but accused her of sending her threatening messages which she said she had to report to the police. She maintained that she was actually helping Innocent out as he was now living like a destitute, sleeping in a car at the home industries in Kuwadzana 1.

She added that she had no problems even her church WTC had “understood” her relationship and she actually teaches women at the church how to avoid Anna’s situation of losing a husband.

“She is no match to me, chero masvika ndisina kugeza but I’m still better than her. She came to my canteen and caused a stir, throwing stones at me. She is the one who has been texting me, threatening me with gangs from Mufakose. I have helped her husband by giving him peace of mind,” she said.

“She is a loser, who destroyed her own house with her own feet not hands. Tisu vakadzi vaye varikuparidzwa mazuva ano kuti patinenge tichinamata kuti mwari tipeiwo varume vanotida mumwe anenge achishusha nekurova wake, tosanganiswa,” she said.

“I’m not desperate to have a family because I have older children but I only need a shoulder to lean on. I’m not after money, I have my business and my former lover looks after his children.” Innocent refused to entertain the news crew, saying his issues are “private” affairs.


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