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Tafadzwa Musarara: Alleged fraudster, rapist and woman beater




A few years ago, Mr. Tafadzwa Musarara, a married man, forced himself on Cynthia Wozhele. Having beaten her to a pulp, and forced her into se_xual relations, the lady fell pregnant and gave birth to Terrerai Musarara.TAFADZWA-MUSARARA-GMAZ-CHAIRMAN

Tafadzwa Musarara is a sadistic pe_dophile and an evil man monster. There is no better way of putting it across. It is impossible to reconcile his personality, his character, and his reputation with anything humane, let alone good.

Before a few days ago, very few people had heard about him, let alone knew about him at all. But he shot to fame after likening the problems Zimbabweans face and their efforts in solidarity for a solution to Mr Bean – an English comedian.

I rarely touch on people’s personal lives in my analysis, because most times, someone’s se_xual morality or lack thereof does not have a direct impact on their ability to govern. Nelson Mandela had a number of se_xual partners, but is still Africa’s greatest statesman.

But, at times, when one is a se_xual beast to the point of being a ruthless predator, it speaks volumes on their persona, and illuminates their arrogance and inhumane nature.

Tafadzwa Musarara might be se_xually active like Mandela, but he is 180 degrees south of the man Madiba was.

I first met Musarara in 2014, at the Meikles Hotel where I attended a function organised the ZGI to help package Zimbabwe as a sellable brand. He spoke there in his capacity as the “Chair” of an organisation which was tasked with stopping resource exploitation in Africa – Resources Exploitation Watch

The irony being that at the present time Musarara was a sitting board member of a diamond company operating in Marange which was part owned by the government.

In a nutshell, while heading an organisation that was meant to stop diamonds from being looted wanton, Musarara simultaneously led a mining firm which became responsible for the exploitation and theft of diamonds conservatively estimated as an excess of $15 billion dollars.

First impressions last the longest, and the impression I got of Mr. Musarara that night was that of a conman, a smart talker, but a clear beneficiary of the system exploiting the same resources he was meant to protect.

While doing background checks on Mr. Musarara, I later learnt that he was more than a smart talker, he was also a brutal woman beater, a child abuser, an accused ra_pist, and a serial fraudster.

Take for example the matter of Terrerai Musarara.

A few years ago, Mr. Musarara, a married man, forced himself on Cynthia Wozhele. Having beaten her to a pulp, and forced her into se_xual relations, the lady fell pregnant and gave birth to Terrerai Musarara.

At birth, Mr. Musarara accompanied Cynthia to get a birth certificate for the child, and that is how the child ended up with his surname. But that was his only contribution into the child’s life. He has never contributed a single cent, real or imagined towards the upkeep of the child with a woman he forced himself on to begin with.

The desperate girl approached the civil court, and Mr. Musarara was ordered to pay child maintenance. He openly refuses to comply with the order, and has now opposed it on the grounds that he has never heard of the child – the same child he swore was his when the birth certificate was being issued.

For her troubles, the poor victim, Cynthia was pummeled with a brick across the face, and suffered serious injuries and permanent scars.

Cynthia is not the only victim, the actual number of young girls easily surpasses 13, and some are as young as 11.

There is no need to explain how Mr. Musarara can ra_pe a young woman, get away with it, defy a court order, and still live to do the same thing. His political connections and capacity are an answer enough.

I suppose it was not shocking, and still is not shocking that Mr. Musarara openly claimed that anyone who complains about the government must be punished. In Tafadzwa’s world accountability does not exist.

In February 2014, Mr. Musarara was taken to court for refusing to pay outstanding airfares for travel expenses he incurred. Despite having the money and the funds, he opted not to pay and in his defense he claimed that his company owed the money, and not him, despite the fact it was the expenses were accumulated on his account and at his request.

Media reports stated that Musarara ran a US$5 100 travel bill when he flew four members – Hlupeko Clifford, Elfas Mashaba, Nhamo Tutisani and a C Samuriwo – of the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) on his Traverse account in 2010 on an Air Zimbabwe flight to Beijing, China. Another bill of US$1 590 was incurred with Ethiopian Airways for another official.

In true Zanu PF fashion, Mr. Musarara simply refused to pay the money, and the travel agent – itself a start-up went broke.

Mr. Musarara is one of the most dangerous cocktails of evil in present day Zimbabwe. He represents all that is wrong with the system today. He is part of the system, and works on behalf of it.

For example, Zimbabwe is a net food importer, and heavily relies of maize imports to satisfy the local demand. Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa have become the country’s savior.

The problem is, Zimbabwe does not pay back its debts, let alone afford to import the maize to begin with. After failing to pay the debts, the government was left stranded, needing food, but unwilling to pay back the debts.

Enter the same Mr. Musarara, fronting the government of Zimbabwe, he entered deals as a ‘supposed’ private player, and tricked Zambia and Malawi into selling Maize to Zimbabwe, under the pre-text the imports were being paid for by private companies.

The rest is history.

Central to the subject at hand, Mr. Musarara is an evil cunning abusive man who is protected by the system. He is also a fraudster and serial defaulter. The only reason he walks the streets today is because he is protected by the same government he works for.

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