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S#x starved grandpa wants out of 35-year-old marriage




A 35-year-old marriage is on the verge of collapse because the wife suffered a stroke and cannot indulge in sex.

Batamu Kamanga (70) has not slept with his wife Rose Kamanga (65) for more than seven months.

The sexless life began when Rose became crippled by a stroke.  She only consulted sangomas who told her she had been

Now crippled from the waist going down, her husband can’t make love to her.

“She can hardly do anything. This is affecting our sex life,” said Batamu.

He added that he had spent a lot of money trying to help his wife get better but to no avail. Coffers have run dry and their sex life is dead.

“I really hope we can get assistance so that we save our marriage,” said Batamu.

Rose also sees her marriage falling apart if she does not get better.

“I have become a burden to my family and I feel as if I am a useless human being because I cannot do anything,” she said.She is also worried about not sleeping with her husband.

“I really wish I could sexually satisfy my husband but I cannot move my legs. I spend most of my days sleeping,” she added.

Rose narrated shocking events that led to her being crippled.

“I was washing plates outside when suddenly I felt dizzy. Everything seemed to be going round and I immediately fell down.

“I tried to stand up but I fell again and my son came running. When he got closer to me he stopped in shock.

“He told me my mouth was no longer in its position. It had shifted positions and slightly went to the right,” she said.

Rose said she immediately sought help from traditional healers.

“After seeking help from traditional healers my mouth started going back to its position but I am still crippled. All I need is someone who can assist me.

“I want to be helpful to my family,” said Rose.

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