Story of woman who was buried in a church takes new twist


Parents with children at the Logos girls’ empowerment high school, a girls’ boarding school located at Gokwe centre, are threatening to withdraw their children following a bizarre incident in which a former Anglican priest buried his wife in church. The bizarre incident which happened last week left the community in shock. Lazarus Tashaya Muyambi, a former priest at St Agnes Anglican church and local businessman buried his late wife Irene Neddie Ziyambi inside the Healing Centre, a building that is used by the pupils for their church services.

As a result parents, whose children are studying at the institution, are breathing fire demanding answers from Muyambi and also threatening to withdraw their children from the school. Mr. Jonathan Ngwenya whose child is a form three pupil at the school had no kind words for the former cleric.

“We cannot turn a blind eye on such an incident. This is weird and we really cannot ignore it. He buried his wife in the same building that our kids use for church services. Is he trying to initiate our kids into some cult?” quizzed Ngwenya.

Another parent Shingai Mazondo said that Muyambi’s actions were disturbing.

“This is one of the strangest incidents I have ever heard of or seen. What on earth was he thinking? If he wanted his wife buried under a roof I’m sure as a businessman he could have afforded to build a house for his beloved wife,” said Mazondo.

Buried in Church

A source who attended the funeral wake told B-Metro about the weird incident.

“When he first mentioned that his wife was to be buried inside the Healing Centre a lot of people thought it was nothing but a joke. But everyone was shocked to see that it was the truth. The relatives of the deceased tried protesting but their protests fell on deaf ears,” said the source.

The wife is buried next to the pulpit. “Not only did he bury his late wife in the church, he demanded that the grave be dug right on the church stage next to the pulpit. This means that every time they hold services, the grave will be right in front of the pupils. No one dared to object since the building is his,” added the source.

Muyambi, who owns the school, clinic and a nursery chose the Healing Centre to bury his wife and said no one could question his decision since he owns the premises and his late wife was a founding member of the property. Chief Njelele, in whose jurisdiction the taboo took place, confirmed the happenings but said he would look into the matter upon his return from Harare. Besides the school, Muyambi also owns St Agnes Orphanage, CZM Convent primary school and Health and Healing Clinic in Gokwe.