STATE-SECURITY-MINISTER-KEMBO-MOHADI’s visit to BUSHIRI comes back to haunt him


STATE security minister Kembo Mohadi had to endure an uncomfortable half hour in parliament this Tuesday as opposition legislators mockingly describing him as the country’s next President.

Mohadi was attending President Robert Mugabe’s State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The minister attended a televised church session by youthful ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri of South Africa who seemed to Mohadi a post in the presidency and claimed he would soon get a financial windfall.

In apparent reference to the incident, Members of Parliament on Tuesday teasingly appealed to the house’s leaders to accept a congratulatory motion for the minister.

“I raise a motion to congratulate honourable minister Mohadi. The word of God says touch not my anointed ones,” said opposition MP James Maridadi.



Although the Speaker requested Maridadi to retract, instead the MP rephrased his ironic motion to the applause of the house.

Mohadi, with a stern look, kept going through the pages of the order paper, ignoring the all-round hilarity at his expense.

Mugabe has accused his lieutenants of consulting witch doctors and so-called ‘prophets’ in the increasingly bitter intra-party fight over his succession.

Nearly two years ago, the veteran leader fired former deputy Joice Mujuru, claiming she had consulted West African mystics and even tried to hire assassin as part of a bid to takeover power.

Mohadi has been linked to the Lacoste Zanu PF faction, with members of the rival G40 group claiming that he has been earmarked for as one of the two vice presidents in the party’s three-member presidium.

Mugabe’s failure to address the succession question has divided the ruling Zanu PF party into two warring factions even as the rival groups still endorse nearly 93-year-old leader for another five-year-term in power.