Soul Jah Love – No bad blood Pakati pangu neZanu Pf i will Still Perfom Again


Soul Jah Love will have no problems performing again for the ruling Zanu PF party, according to his manager, Benjamin Nyandoro.

Nyandoro and the chanter had a meeting with the Youth League and ironed out their differences. Nyandoro said Soul Jah Love did not hit back at all with the song he released yesterday.

“Soul Jah Love is not hitting back. He is actually compounding Cde Hamandishe’s statement that hachisi chinhu by saying zvinhu. I can confirm that there is no bad blood between the two and on that day in Mutare, they talked and today (yesterday) we were together as well.

This, however, shows that my artiste is creative because he came up with something that is generating debate on social media.



He is creating conversation for people with most of his songs. Jah love’s position towards the party (Zanu PF) and the leadership is still the same. If you listened well as the song goes on, he is emphasising that. He is even laughing about it and cannot go around explaining to people but it’s good for fans to have their say. What I want to make clear is that Soul Jah Love is not hitting back with this song.

He is just being creative and is capitalising on this debate.

The youth league said last night that they have great respect for artistes, including Soul Jah Love, and they would continue to foster partnerships where opportunities arise.

“The incident at Sakubva is regrettable and was a result of wanting to follow protocol where
people cannot be up and down while the President and leadership were still there.

Performances were supposed to start once our leaders had left the venue in an orderly manner and when there was that chaos while the leaders were still there, there was need to restore order. Yes, it should have been done better and it is regrettable.

But as the youth league we believe in fostering relations with our talented brothers and sisters including Soul Jah Love and to make sure that this matter was ironed out, there was a meeting today between the musician and Cde Hamandishe.