Soul Jah Love in hospital following Diabetes complication


Dancehall star Soul Jah Love born Soul Musaka who is suffering from diabetic foot ulcer has been admitted at Harare Hospital since Saturday. The diabetic “Ndini Uya Uya” has been in and out of the hospital due to his condition.However, his situation is said to be worsened by some scars from the accident that left him and some of his band members injured in Gweru.

Some health experts said the accident has caused more harm than good for the singer.

“If diabetic people get involved in an accident they needs to be treated well,” he said.

Some said if the condition worsens then the musician might get amputated.

“Though we are not sure how serious the condition is, he might get his leg amputated if it gets worse,” he added.


Sources at the hospital said there was commotion in his ward and the authorities are considering moving him to another ward.

“There is always commotion on his bed with people coming in their numbers to see him. The authorities are considering moving him to another ward,” he said.

His manager Marshal Bhima known as Wadis said they were expecting the musician out of hospital after a week.

“He might get out of hospital after a week.

“What I can say is his condition is stable. We are expecting to hear what the doctors say today,” he said.

He said they are making efforts to get the doctor’s position on the matter.

“He only got there over the weekend so maybe today we will get to know the way forward,” he said.

His condition is said to have started at the age of 7 and he has been getting his treatment since then.

The musician who has several awards rose to prominence in 2012 with hit tracks such as “Ndini Uya uya” and controversial “Gum-kum”.

He is known for making the “Chibabababa”, “Hauite Hauite” and “Conquering” signature chants which appear in all of his songs.