Soldier beds 8 women at the same time,having un_protected se_x with all of them


An illicit love web involving more than six people has turned nasty after hearts were broken and lives shattered following the revelation of one man’s lies and deceit. One of the women involved in this web is legally married to another man and is being sued for bigamy by her husband.

The main man at the center of storm is Tapiwanashe Chikarakara, 32, who is a soldier stationed at Inkomo Barracks. Tapiwanashe is allegedly having unprotected se_x with approximately eight women including his two views. His second wife, Regina Mazivanhanga, 36, said Tapiwanashe’s actions were a clear indication he has no regard for his life or any of the women in his life. She claimed that her relationship with the love master Tapiwa started after he se_xually abused her while at work.

“The reason why I ended up in this mess is because Tapiwa raped me when we were at work. I did not tell anyone about it because of so many reasons. I am legally married to another man and when he found out that I had kept my rape a secret, things got bad between us. I started to date Tapiwa and he made me his second wife. He went to my family and his relatives know me too. I have gone through a lot with him but because of love I tried to cover up his mistakes. I have spent a lot of resources on this man and I cannot believe that he has decided to repay me like this. I am really hurt because I discovered that he has six other women who he is having un_protected se_x with,” sighed Regina.



She said she was shocked to realise that Tapiwa was cheating on her and was not even concerned about their health.

“Seriously there is HIV and yet he does not even consider that. He is busy going around breaking women’s hearts and for what? I am disappointed with him so much. He has destroyed my life,” she said. Regina said she felt betrayed but above all felt sorry for every woman who became Tapiwa’s victim.

Right now I am on my way to collect my HIV test results. I am pregnant and I am not sure of my status so it is better for me to know now. It is not fair that he gets to toy with people’s hearts like that,” said Regina.

Judith Tauyanago, Tapiwa’s first wife who could not stop herself from laughing at Precious’ allegations said.

“I am not her co-wife and Tapiwa does not have two wives, I am his only wife iye ihure rake. She dumped her husband Maxwell Mazivanhanga whom she is legally married to. Zvorwadza nhasi? She made me suffer for a long time now it is her turn to suffer. She is bitter because Tapiwa told her that he is no longer interested in her. I told her that Tapiwa was not to be trusted since he is a womanizer but she thought I was being jealous. Murume anotonyenga haaregi zve. Ko murume ihama yako here yekuti ungachemere. Asked Judith. What is so special about her that she thought Tapiwa would not cheat in her? Iyo chembere iyoyo. I told her that it was not going to last hahahahahahaha manje haasati atanga achanhonga svosve nemuromo,” laughed Judith.

Judith confirmed that Tapiwa is currently staying with another woman named Melody Phiri.

“Regina was dumped by Tapiwa because he found a new girlfriend, Melody Phiri whom he is currently staying with. He found a greener pasture and he moved on. Angagarira mukadzi asina mazino here? She just has to accept that she has lost and move on like I did,” added Judith.

When reached for comment, one of the alleged girlfriends, Melody Phiri denied having an affair with Tapiwa. “I do not even know anything about the affair, I was called by his wife who asked the same questions but like I said I do not know anything about him,” said Melody.

Margret Chiwanza, who is also accused of bedding Tapiwa also distanced herself from being one of the people caught up in Tapiwa’s love web. Tapiwa’s mobile went unanswered by the time of going to print.