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Snake slept with daughter-in-law’




A STORM is brewing at a Tsholotsho homestead following the discovery of a snake that bedded a daughter-in-law, in her father-in-law’s bedroom.

Martin Ndlovu, the man of the house, is reported to be in the habit of beating up his wife, Silinukile Ncube, willy-nilly and at times for no reason.

But the primary reason for conflict at this homestead is that Ncube blames her father-in-law Tommy Ndlovu for sending a snake-like goblin to have sex with her.

Villagers from the Mathole area are familiar with the happenings at Ndlovu’s homestead. They say the matter is now before the local leadership.



“There is no peace at their homestead as the two constantly fight over the snake issue. Ndlovu accuses his wife of being a witch at the same time the wife is saying that the snake is from Ndlovu’s family,” said a villager.

B-Metro gathered that Ncube had been complaining about sleepless nights because a huge grayish snake with big red glowing eyes would come in the middle of the night and have sex with her despite the presence of her husband

The matter came to light after tsikamutandas who had been invited to cleanse the village discovered the snake in Tommy‘s bedroom.

Ncube realised that it was the same snake that had been pestering her at night for the pleasures of the flesh.

According to the village head Agreement Moyo, an irate Ncube revealed that the snake would come to her homestead every night for sexcapades till the wee hours of the morning.

Moyo added that Ncube’s homestead was just a few metres from her father-in-law’s homestead.

“Ncube and her husband approached me. The woman revealed that each night the snake would come into her bed to ‘make love’ to her,” Moyo said.

Confirming the incident Chief Tategulu said villagers were still in shock.

“The Mathole Village Head came to inform me about the matter. The village conducted a cleansing ceremony to wipe out all the evil acts in the community. A snake was then discovered in Tommy’s bedroom,” the chief said. B Metro


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