Wife goes gangster on Small house and it ends in a Disaster


A Cheeky smallhouse who went to her married boyfriend’s home in the middle of the night is licking her wounds in hospital after the man’s wife teamed up with her sisters to beat her to within an inch of her life.

Sinini Nkiwane (23) of Pumula East in Bulawayo allegedly knocked at the door of her boyfriend’s home in Gwabalanda suburb around 10pm on Sunday.

The boyfriend was only identified as Pondo

Dorcas Hute (34) — Pondo’s wife — opened the door and Sinini demanded to see him.

She allegedly told Dorcas she was three months pregnant with her husband’s child and intimated she was going to replace her as Pondo’s wife.

All hell broke loose when an infuriated Dorcas shoved the stocky Sinini to the ground

Her two sisters, Pretty (29) and Abigail (36) allegedly emerged from the house and a serious beat-down commenced.


Sinini allegedly tried to fight back but the three heftily built sisters subdued her with heavy punches.

She emitted two ear splitting screams when one of the sisters went into the house and returned with a sjambok and lashed her mercilessly.

Scores of Gwabalanda residents were jarred awake by the blood curdling screams
p>They rushed to the house to investigate.

By then, the sisters had stripped Sinini naked.

One of the sisters grabbed a plastic pail and hit the hapless Sinini on the face.

The bucket shattered with an explosive sound and the shards left a nasty gash above Sinini’s right eye.

The sisters took turns to flail Sinini with the sjambok as she screamed for mercy