SKIMBO speaks out on the pain he went through at the hands of LADY SQUANDA


Local comedian and blogger Tatenda ‘Skimbo’ Matika has described the torture he went through of being forced to lick the feet of Lady Squanda as a stepping stone in his career.

Though it was a painful experience for him, Skimbo said the incident made him famous and also opened a lot of opportunities for him.

“Five months ago when the story of how I was tortured by Lady Squanda came out I literally became the talk of the town.



I remember it was hard for me to even walk in the streets as people would be laughing at me whilst others would be asking me what had really happened.

“It affected me negatively psychologically and I admit most people were sympathising with me over what happened.

“Despite all these challenges I am facing, I would like to also point out that I got a lot of benefits out of the torture, a lot of people now know me and a lot of doors have also opened up,” he said.

“I have managed to travel to the United Kingdom and stayed there for a month where I had a list of shows lined up, most of those promoters got to know me because of how Squanda tortured me.

“I have also managed to raise some money to pay for lobola to pay for my wife because of these connections I got,” he said.

Source-H Metro