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Singing Tokoloshes drives man crazy




SKHUMBUZO Shongwe is a music lover – but the eight tokoloshes who sing in his house are driving him mad.

They sing maskandi songs, dance, clap their hands and have a lot of fun but then the monsters start to insult and assault him.

Daily Sun reported that Shongwe (32) said for the past five years, he has been left sitting in disbelief as he watches the creatures perform in his house.

“They sing songs like Uyinyamazane, Izembe Libekiwe, and Ngafa,” he said.

But after a while they start swearing at him, calling him a dog and making fun of his mum’s private parts.

Skhumbuzo from Lawley, south of Joburg, said he once asked them what they wanted, but they just ignored him.

He said no woman wants to go out with him because of these creatures.

“When I try to greet women, they just ignore me. It’s as if I stink,” he said. “I’m a trained sangoma, but I haven’t got customers because of these tokoloshes.”

He said people in the street have even klapped him for no reason, and he now carries a knife for protection.

Skhumbuzo said he has gone from one sangoma to the next trying to find help.

“But these things are too powerful.”

His former friend, Dumisane Mthembu (33), said they thought Skhumbuzo was crazy when he went on about the creatures.

“But then we saw he was serious when things started going badly for him. I decided to cut ties with him, fearing they might come after me too,” he said.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu from Soweto said tokoloshes can make a person’s life hell.

“He must find a sangoma who knows about tokoloshes. Tokoloshes are hard to fight, but with time Skhumbuzo can be healed.”

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