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Simba Chikanza has shared his side of the story in their fight with Tytan

Simba Chikanza has shared his side of the story in their fight with Tytan. He has remained adamant that his fight is not a selfish hatred but he wants justice for the fraud victims.

He has also stated that he was assaulted by Tytan at the court because he was seeking the truth. He labelled Olinda as a violent person who is calling for violence to be used in this resolution.

Thank you all for asking. The pain is still bad but my spirits refuse to go down despite the assaults. All this hurt just because I reported the truth about the frauds, and since that day in October when she falsely accused me of reporting her to the Home Office(I dont even have their nos), her rage continues. If only they could be refunding their victims, but they chose violence. Tytan assaulted me because he was angry to see me at court as a witness to his wife’s case. The Nkomos want to isolate the Complainant (a stroke patient) who has a speech disability, from the court hearings so that they win against her. When later, while in shock I addressed him as Olinda’s boyfriend, he said he was also going to physically assault me for that. His wife celebrated everything during and after the assaults.

Olinda’s calls for violence against me are on her Facebook live videos, circulated all over for several weeks to date as she accuses me of reporting her to the Home Office to revoke her license, something I’ve never done, and would never do at any time in my life, for any reason.

Will share more details soon

In other news – AKA calls Cristiano Ronaldo a disgrace

AKA has joined the rest of the world to give their comment on the football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was benched for the game against Switzerland which ended with Portugal scoring 6 goals to 1.


The match got tongues wagging as the football star joined the players on the pitch in the second half of the competition. Learn More

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