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Shock in Nyanga as mountain mysteriously disappears, water in river turns into blood




Fear has gripped villagers in Saunyama area in Nyanga – one of Zimbabwe’s most sacred places – following a set of strange developments that took place in the sacred mountainous area recently after a huge rock mysteriously fell into a river and disappeared.

As if that was not enough, the huge rock is said to have fallen into a nearby river whose water allegedly turned into ‘blood’ instantly.

Villagers who stay in the said area and witnessed the strange encounter said when the rock fell from the hills and rolled into the river, it swept away everything that was on its path as it curled to the river – trees and and shrubs included. Interestingly, when the rock fell into the river, it mysteriously disappeared and no one has ever managed to track its whereabouts.

According to sources, the rock fell from Mozi Hills – a sacred small mountain where traditional leaders of the Saunyama clan perform their rituals or ascend their please to the ancestral spirits of the Saunyama area.
The Village Head of the Mushonga kraal where the tongue-wagging incident took place, Sabhuku/Sobuku Fungai Mushonga (39) confirmed the incident and said the huge rock mysteriously disappeared upon touching the waters of Mwenje river which then shockingly turned into a ‘blood river’.

“There was shocking incident in our area recently when a huge rock rolled from the climax of Mozi Mountain and curled into Mwenje river. Red water mysteriously sprung out from the soil along the path which the rock had rolled through and flowed into the river. Water in the river turned into blood and the incident left us trembling in fear,” narrated the village head.

“We were struggling to come to terms with this strange development especially after water in the river turned into blood. We could not help but consult spirit mediums who then revealed to us that the ancestors of this area were angry hence the rock fell and water turned into blood. They (spirit mediums) indicated that the blood represented our ancestors’ extreme anger and for that reason we asked them to rectify the river water tragedy. Now its no longer red, but it has turned whitish as if lots of milk had spilt into the river,” he added.

There are reports that a local man was murdered in the area and his body was dumped in a cave at the hills in that sacred area.

“Blood must not be spilt in this area. A man was murdered and his body was dumped in the hills where chiefs of this area are buried. This is what caused this set of strange developments. Our ancestors have also been wronged in other ways but the murder case of this man is what caused the water in the river to turn into blood,” Village Head Mushonga explained.

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