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Second wife using juju




HARARE – An Epworth woman is at odds with her husband’s second wife for allegedly using juju to wreck their marriage

Tarwirei Reva, who shares the same husband with Chenai Dzikiti, accuses her of consulting a traditional healer to win their husband’s heart.

She opened up at the civil court where she was applying for a protection order against Chenai.

“She went to a traditional healer and she came back and bewitched my husband. My husband has already moved out of our house.

“Chenai uses juju to control him, now my husband always listens to what she says. My husband has since paid lobola to her family.

“He told me that she was his second wife and if I was not comfortable with it, I have to leave my children.



No one in the family understands what is really going on. My husband’s brother can testify. I need the court to protect my children and husband, Tarwirei said.

In response, Chenai said:

“I never used juju against our husband, it is not true that I approached a traditional healer. The issue is that my husband’s family does not like me. He paid my bride price during the Easter holidays willingly.

I never used anything to control him, why would I do that?”

Presiding magistrate, Trevor Nyatsanza dismissed the application by Tarwirei on the basis that there was no physical abuse that she needed to be protected from.

On the issue of juju, the magistrate advised them to resolve the issue at family level. H Metro


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