Se_x starvation gogo Takes madala to court


A NYABIRA woman sued her husband for allegedly denying her conjugal rights.

Theresa Kalemba hauled her husband Prince Duri to the civil court accusing him of denying her se_x for many years and conniving with his girlfriends to beat her up chasing her away from their matrimonial home.

Theresa claimed that Prince has been denying her of her conjugal rights for many years forcing her to go back to her home country in Democratic Republic of Congo.

“He does not treat me like his wife because he denies me se_x. Since 2006, he left home and he forces me to leave this country to go back to my country of origin in Congo.

“He says that I should go back to my country to find other men there and stop bothering him over se_x.


“This man neglected our children; he no longer pays school fees for them or acts responsibly as the head of the family,” she said.

Theresa added that her husband Prince connives with his girlfriends to abuse her physically.

“Your worship, my life is at risk because this man comes to my house with his pr_ostitutes to assault me.

“Sometimes, they gave me a thorough beating and I went to seek for medical attention because I sustained injuries as a result of the attack.”

In response, Prince said:

“I did not divorce her as she alleged but I took a protection order against her sometime ago after she had damaged some property.

“I have no problem if I am to be restrained from abusing her because I have never abused her.”

Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda granted the protection order in Theresa’s favour.

Source-H metro