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Saviour Kasukuwere is being driven by Satanic DEMONS



Saviour Kasukuwure

Zanu PF National Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere is being driven by Satanic DEMONS to the extent that he no longer sees fellow Zimbabwean as human beings, a Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) official has said.

ZimPF Manicaland Secretary for Information and ICT, Moses Mutyasira was responding to utterances by Kasukuwere during a rally in Dangamvura high density suburb where the minister told supporters that the new political outfit was full of Zanu PF rejects.

“There is only one party which starts with word Zimbabwe and thus Zanu PF. There are some who want to steal our name, calling themselves Zimbabwe People First. People First charlatans are rejects who were kicked out of the party.

Saviour Kasukuwure

Saviour Kasukuwure

“Don’t be deceived, Zanu PF iripo kusvika madhongi amera nyanga (Zanu PF will rule forever),”said Kasukuwere while addressing party supporters.

But Mutyasira hit back saying Kasukuwere should know that time is not on his side and his “geriatric leader”.

“I am not sure what and how a human being can be labelled a reject. We at People First consider people as equals and a reflection of the image of God despite their religious or political affiliation.

“I am sure a certain level of Satanic urge is driving the Zanu PF Commissar mad to regard people who have democratically decided to form their own party rejects or charlatans,” said Mutyasira.

“Let me also remind Kasukuwere that time is not on his side with his geriatric leader. Zim PF is a new party composed of people from various groupings and former members of all political parties in Zimbabwe including those who have never been members of any party,” Mutyasira.

Unlike Zanu PF, Mutyasira said, Zim PF value inclusivity.

He added: “We will not let our past political tags detract us from our goal of bringing freedom to Zimbabwe.”

Led by former VP Joice Mujuru, ZimPF was formed by a number for Zanu PF starlwarts who were kicked out of Zanu PF ahead of the ruling party’s 2014 December Congress. Mujuru and his colleagues have since been joined by a number of activists and other politicians from other opposition parties.

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