Runyoka man performs ritual on wife’s panties to fix her for ‘locking’ him


A HARARE man, Michael Makehu, allegedly wrapped traditional herbs in his wife’s pa_nties and kept them under his pillow in a bid to reverse an erectile dysfunction spell allegedly cast on him by the latter.

The matter came to light at the Harare Civil Courts yesterday when Loneness Nyamatambo made an application for a protection order against her husband whom she said was of an abusive nature.Nyamatambo told the court that besides being denied conjugal rights by Makehu, the latter had also been accusing her of using black magic to cause him to fail to engage in se_xual intercourse.

“Recently he returned home after spending two weeks away and told me we could not have se_x because I had bewitched his manhood,” Nyamatambo said.

The court further heard on the same day Makehu vowed it was high time he reacted to the spell that had been cast on him by his wife.


Nyamatambo told the court Makehu then took one of her panties and tore them before wrapping herbs in one of the pieces.

“He tore my panties, wrapped some herbs in them and kept them under his pillow,” she said.

The court further heard Makeu then told Nyamatambo not to worry if she was not the culprit behind his erectile dysfunction because the ritual would not affect her.

Nyamatambo went on to say she even advised Makehu to confront his other wife and also perform the same ritual on her.

Makehu is said to have threatened that whoever was responsible for his ailment would suffer many mishaps including menstruating for life.

Upon being asked to respond, Makehu said he was not opposed to the granting of the protection order and presiding magistrate Barbara Mateko granted the order instructing Makehu not to abuse Nyamatambo for the next five years.