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Rich Women chasing away HUSBANDS and POKING Younger Ben 10s – see it all here



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FAMILY therapist Lucia Gunguwo says affluent women are flocking to her Harare Samora Machel therapy in search of men after chasing away their husbands through their pursuit for education and a career.

The preacher and counsellor, who has scaled the ladder of prominence on the back of her explicit se_xual teachings, said women for all their degrees and high ranking at work places, were losing their husbands to “small houses with little formal education” but who are mavericks in bed.

“I have been talking to different women who are learned, who are successful. I have been telling them there is no woman who has made money, put that money into bed and that money became a man,” she said.

“I counsel different women, they put on mean faces at home and then you see them coming kwaMai Gunguwo crying; ‘ndirikudawo murume chero asina kudzidza ndinogadzira (I want man, even one who is not educated) and for they are taking gardeners and reinventing them,” she said.

Widely-known as Mai Gunguwo, her sermons on love matters have turned her into a popular se_x tutor, with people, particularly women, flocking to her church for steamy sessions.
“I am doing a degree in development studies on how we were socialised and how women were once looked down upon, I understand everything but when we have finished and done with all our work we go back to the Bible, to the home to become the house wives we were created by God to be,” she said.

Rich Women chasing away HUSBANDS and POKING Younger Ben 10s - see it all here

“It doesn’t mean I am not learned but I am fulfilling the duty I was created for — to finish the loneliness of this man.
“It’s just unfortunate that we are facing economic hardships hence women are going to work. But back then (in biblical times) there was a concept that gave man all he desired through the Garden of Eden,” she said.

“All a woman had to do was to please her man,” she said.
Mai Gunguwo whose teachings are a huge hit on social networks encouraged women to be “experimental” in bed and not to be shy to tell “daddy” that “zvangu hazvina kuita (I was not satisfied).”
She added that the love of a career had left many women renegading from their roles as mothers to the extent that matrons at school were now playing the role of advising teenage girls that they had started their menstruation.

“Yes, you are busy, but kiss your children every night on the forehead. What do you think will happen when your daughter is kissed by the garden boy?”

Source-Weekend Post

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