First Lady charms Glenview residents


Glenview residents in Harare have applauded the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa for her commitment and dedication to healthy and safe community environments.

The First Lady and some volunteers from Higher Life Foundation today cleared illegal dumpsites along Willowvale Road in Glenview which had become an eyesore and a threat to the health of citizens.

The threat posed by illegal dumping of waste to the health of ordinary citizens, as well as the environment cannot be ignored.

Decomposing garbage and other solid waste provide food and habitat for rats and other disease vectors such as flies, which ultimately cause a serious health hazard to the public.

Amai Mnangagwa and some volunteers who are participating in the month long campaign: ‘Arise and Shine,’ that was launched by Higher Life Foundation got down to some serious business, clearing the mountains of waste created from uncollected garbage.

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa

Some residents from Glenview ended up joining the clean-up campaign.

Some residents accused council for failing to deliver a good service and for not being responsive to concerns raised by ratepayers.

Amai Mnangagwa urged the residents to put their litter in the skip bins provided instead of just dumping waste everywhere.

The clean-up campaign yielded friendships as most residents managed to get close to Amai Mnangagwa and ended up chatting and exchanging views like long time friends.

Even a popular opposition MDC supporter, Mbuya Spiwe Mhurushomana, who made waves on election day when her video clip went viral on social media platforms, was also charmed by Amai Mnangagwa’s humility and commended her for her dedication.

After clearing the illegal dumpsites, the First Lady proceeded to Glenview 5 Primary School which is one of the five schools that were temporarily closed down after the death of 2 children when the cholera outbreak was at its peak early last month.

Higher Life Foundation has installed two water tanks with a carrying capacity of 10 000 litres and the foundation is providing clean water to the school twice a week.

Glenview 5 Primary School headmaster, Mr Jethro Manyau told Amai Mnangagwa that water supplies have improved and the sewer system at the school has been rehabilitated.

Source – ZBC