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Reasons why couples break up over the holidays

Even relationships and marriages that you might think are so strong might break up during the holiday season.

A peculiar occurrence occurs over the holiday season, many relationships end at a season that’s supposed to be about love.The period between mid-November and mid-December is known as “the turkey drop”.

1. Family drama
Meeting your partner’s parents can be stressful whether it’s the first time or the tenth time, especially if you feel antagonized by the family.

If you aren’t ready or prepared, not only can it lead to additional pressure on a shaky marriage, if you aren’t sure that you want to be married, associating with the family can strengthen your resolve to not take things further.

2. The holiday season is an emotional time
People experience a lot of emotion over the holidays. It is a moment to reflect on previous holidays, past relationships and experiences, you might feel resentment and a regurgement of past emotions. It is likely that the holiday will be the last straw when feelings are already at their peak.

People who may have been feeling that something isn’t right with their relationship are more likely to do something dramatic while their emotions are at their highest. Those little irritations are likely to be heightened at the time.

Couples who aren’t feeling love in their relationship will give the relationship its final death at this time because they feel they are supposed to experience warmth, and happiness and they aren’t feeling it.

3. Couples feel a disconnect sexually
When the sex is bad or inconsistent, it usually means a couple is in big trouble. When the sexual spark is gone, there is typically nothing left in the marriage or relationship.

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