Prophet removes ‘scars’ on girls privates through s_ex


A 16-year-old Mberengwa girl was ra_ped twice by a self-styled prophet under the pretext of removing scars from her private parts.

The 57-year-old prophet earned himself 20 years in jail of which five years where set aside.

In his spirited defence the prophet claimed he was seduced by the girl into having s_ex.

He added that they were lovers and planned to marry her after completing form four.


She was the one who came to where I was sleeping and started to seduce me.

“Also her mother was the one who had facilitated my visits and pushed me to ask her to to marry me”.

The court heard that in June the prophet told the girl that he needed to remove scars that were on her private parts and he was supposed to shave her pubic hair.

Soon after he had shaved her, he forced the complainant to lie down and ra_ped her twice.