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Prophet Makandiwa is the ANSWER to Zimbabwe’s ECONOMIC PROBLEMS



Prophet Makandiwa

UFIC leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is carrying a lot of information that can help Zimbabwe’s government solve its problems. If his God can give him information about countries as far as China and the United Kingdom and closer to home we have South Africa, Zambia among many countries. For those who did know,Makandiwa gave a prophecy warning United Kingdom about an accident that was going to happen at the ever busy Heathrow Airport and in the footage he is seen asking his congregates to pray against a fatal accident at the airport and within two weeks there was an accident that was unheard of in the history of Britain and before it happened Makandiwa is said to have explained that the accident was something that was indeed unheard of.

Earlier last year Makandiwa gave a chilling prophecy of how China was going to face a “nuclear like” explosion that they had never seen before and months later an explosion hit China and it was something that they had never experienced, some of the eyewitnesses confirmed that it was like a nuclear indeed just like Makandiwa had said in his prophecy. It now seems to be the norm that he asks his congregates to pray for lives to be saved, so detailed was this prophecy that unidentified Chinese officials visited Makandiwa at his homestead soon after it happened just to appreciate him and we understand they are in touch with him.

South Africa got its fair share of Makandiwa’s crusade of prophecies which seem to get more intense by the day when during another prophecy he prayed for the Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa of the South Africa not to die in a plane crush that he had seen and when the HeadboyNews got the video footage of the prophecy the man of God was visibly hiding much information which could include foul play on the avoided plane crush. The Zambian national television broadcaster covered the preacher’s Brand Makandiwa launch in Harare

The Zambian national television broadcaster covered the preacher’s Brand Makandiwa launch in Harare recently and the function was on Zambia’s national news and this was after Makandiwa had warned the Zambian government on an impending violent activity that was about to happen in their country, again it sounded out of context when the UFIC leader said it before it eventually happened because Zambia is known as the most peaceful country in Africa and is in top 10 in the world.

Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa

The Zambians have now appreciated the man to an extent of travelling all the way to Zimbabwe to cover his events and making them headline news on the national broadcaster channel. Back home Makandiwa recently posted on YouTube a prophecy about Zimbabwe and he is seen in footage dated 2010 January explaining how the US$ was going varnish off the Zim market and how the Americans would plan against the Zimbabwean 2018 elections using their money as a weapon. If in 2010 this man could see the American plans that would be done in 2016 to disrupt 2018 then we have a man who has to tell us where we are going as a country. If our government cannot demand answers from a man who is one of us but is being a benefit to other governments that are in better economical positions than us as Zimbabwe then we have a problem that we can solve.

Its high time we launch a #makandiwamustspeak campaign to put pressure on Makandiwa to tell Zimbabwe where its going as a nation. Indeed his God knows what’s happening in Zimbabwe and if he has been a benefit to other countries he can indeed give us our answers as a nation. The HeadBoy News has done its own investigations through links close to Makandiwa and we have established that he does share everything that happens in this country to his congregation way before it does happen. We are reliably informed that he mentioned to his church that the country was supposed to stock a lot of Gold way before the cash crisis at hand but did he tell the government?.

Makandiwa is keeping our answers from us as a people and its our right to be given a direction especially if its from God and we have to hold this man by the collar and demand a direction because he knows. Enough evidence is there that he knows where Zimbabwe has to take steps .Its high time we do a #makandiwamustspeak campaign. We can hate him all we want but he is hiding information that belongs to us because people like him are there in the bible, people who God gives information for the masses but they have a tendency of not speaking until pressure is put on them.

Source : The Headboy

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