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Prophet Magaya EXHAUSTS CHURCH FUNDS on Beautiful Cars and Women




PHD Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya is believed to be running on empty as the church’s financials are said to be in red. This has been blamed on Prophet Magaya’s decision to embark on numerous costly projects based on the financial fortunes of the past years.

Prophet Magaya is constructing a hotel expected to cost US$8 million and a stadium worth US$15 million apart from a church structure worth US$90 million in Waterfalls. Things have been rough for church ministries that depend on offerings by congregants due to the cash shortages. With ZIMRA now monitoring financial activities at churches are understandably reluctant to introduce “swipe machines” for offerings as this becomes evidence against them even though taxes are on businesses run by the churches.

While there was excitement on social media that Prophet Magaya might soon be owning a private jet, the situation on the ground suggests that things are not looking good in the PHD coffers. His biggest undoing is believed to have been unplanned donations to all sorts of people who throng his offices with requests that range from personal misfortunes to business proposals that need funding. During the clueless days of Cuthbert Dube, Prophet Magaya had to rescue numerous Zifa national team missions that would not have been felt at a time the economy is struggling. Apart from the unplanned donations ambitious projects have also been blamed for the current situation, which has forced PHD to shelve planned crusades in Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.

“Do not be fooled by the messages being posted on their Facebook page that Prophet Magaya refused to accept an aeroplane gift bought by his followers. He had plans to hold crusades in Tanzania and Zambia before returning to South Africa but all these have been shelved due to financial crisis. Apart from all this, his desire to sponsor football for men and women is costing him much that marovha ose zavakumhanyira kubhora kuProspect vachida kupihwa kudya zvakare. If you recall the day he conducted a press conference during one of our church services, he asked the guys who own the PA system we use to tell the media how much they charge PHD for a church service. It is true that he loses a lot of money paying several suppliers, electricians and sound system operators for one church service as the little given as offerings cannot meet the actual cost.

“Construction of a hotel and the stadium contributed much to the draining of money he had and honestly speaking it will not surprise you to find him begging from the people he used to feed. “Pane team inouya ichingobetserwa nemari, vamwe vanonyepera kurwara vachida cash and this is also to blame,” said the source. When H-Metro visited Prophet Magaya at his offices he was said to be attending a series of meetings with people believed to have come from South Africa and could not respond. After some hours of waiting he responded through his trusted lieutenant, overseer Admire Mango who urged H-Metro to book for an appointment. “Prophet is busy at the moment if you may leave your questions so that he will respond to you when he is free,” said Mango.

Source-H Metro

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