Prophet Bushiri crowns KEMBO MOHADI for promotion in bizarre encounter


Controversial Malawian preacher, ‘Prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri, has sensationally claimed that Zimbabwe’s State Security minister and Beitbridge East Member of Parliament Kembo Mohadi will be promoted and he will soon wear a crown.

In a bizarre encounter Bushiri told Mohadi that there were attempts to kill the Zanu PF politician but that nothing would happen to him. “I am seeing you going higher and higher, nothing bad will happen to you, I am seeing promotion coming your way, I am seeing a crown on your head, because I am seeing the spiritual realm,” he said while Mohadi continuously said: “I receive.” “I am seeing arrows against you, but none of them shall prosper.


I am seeing somebody holding a spear targeting that man (Mohadi), and this man is visiting all these witch doctors and you have been going through a lot and the Lord has been protecting you,” he said. “I am seeing people from Borrowdale driving to Chitungwiza and they were told that wherever he (Mohadi) will stand, remove the soil and kill this man and all of a sudden you begin having these crazy things moving in your body and all these attacks and sometimes you feel like (there is) sand in your eyes,” Bushiri said.

Mohadi responded by saying: “That’s true, man of God.” “But listen to me,” Bushiri continues, “there’s a shield of fire that surrounds you,” with the grateful Mohadi responding: “Thank you, thank you, man of God.” “People are hating (sic) you because of your position. (They are saying) how can this man be a Minister of State for Security, how can this man be having (sic) this position? But the hand of God is with you, He will protect you.

Bushiri then promised Mohadi that “I am seeing money coming to you.” Bushiri is travelling to Zimbabwe on Thursday and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly the guest of honour. This will no doubt tap into the succession debate given reports that Mnangagwa is angling to succeed the 92­year­old President Robert Mugabe.