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Prominent Shurugwi businessman ordered to pay 4 beasts for a_dultery




A prominent Shurugwi businessman Daniel Hapazariwho who is alleged to have bedded a local’s wife has been ordered to pay four beasts by Chief Ndanga as damages to the plaintiff.

Masvingo Mirror reported that Hapazarihwo who owns a well-known supermarket in Shurugwi called Vital did not turn up for court on Thursday last week and the matter was postponed to another date.

However, who was found guilty by Chief Ndanga of adultery with Admire Magocha’s wife Tsitsi Makonese is contesting the case at the Civil Courts.

He is refusing to pay the fine and his argument is that the chief’s court has no jurisdiction to hear the matter since the responded lived in Shurugwi town outside the Chief’s territory.



Hapazarihwo says in his application that he was ordered to pay one cow to the chief and the other three to Magocha as damages for the adultery.

He also argues that he did not receive a fair trial because he was not given an opportunity to give his side of the story. He also claimed that the Chief’s court had no evidence that he was in a love relationship with Magocha’s wife.

Magocha who signed an affidavit claiming that Hapazarihwo was in a relationship with his wife stated that sometime in February this year he asked his wife about her relationship with Hapazarihwo but she denied it.

“I asked my wife about her relationship with Hapazarihwo and she denied at first but later on admitted. After she admitted l called the accused to my house and we discussed about the issue and he agreed to pay $5 000.

Hapazari asked for some days while he looked for the money but he later on denied everything even what we had agreed,” said Magocha through the affidavit.

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