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Problems will Disappear coz Winky D joined Satanism!!!



Winky D

WiNKY D SPEAKS :SATANiSM ALLEGATiONS – Zimdancehall Maestro Winky D says claims that he has joined Satanism are a figment of some people’s wildest imagination. Last Wednesday a circular, allegedly from the United Family International Church (Ufic) instructing congregants not to listen to Winky D’s music, went viral.

Titled Winky D’s Initiation into Satanism, the “circular” alleged that the Zimdancehall icon’s latest hit Disappear was his initiation song in which he speaks to the devil.

Part of the “circular” reads; “All Ufic members are instructed to desist from listening to Winky D’s music, particularly the one titled Disappear. It was revealed that the abovementioned artist has joined Satanism and that song was his initiation song where he clearly praises the devil and chants to his new master.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and those who are knowledgeable shall heed the call. We shall go into detail of the lyrics of the song Disappear.”

However, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said the Musarova Bigman hitmaker was not moved by such claims.

“We don’t mind whoever made those statements. Winky D is a public figure and is prone to such kind of ridicule or abuse, especially from his rivals,” said Banda.

“It is very difficult to control social media and people write what they want on those platforms. Winky D is a Rastafarian and has a Catholic background, so those claims on social media are a figment of someone’s imagination.”

Banda said anyone taking offence out of the song Disappear is trying to get mileage from Winky D’s effort.

“There are certain people who want to get mileage by taking offence out of the song Disappear. The song is doing very well and is among the Top 5 hits on BBC’s Afro Beats by DJ Edu, a feat no other Zimbabwean singer has reached,” he said.

Efforts to contact Ufic spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa were fruitless as his phone went unanswered on Friday. However, a member of the church who spoke on conditions of anonymity said the circular was not coming from Ufic.

“The church does not communicate that way. It might be someone taking advantage of social media to tarnish the image of Ufic and the musician in question,” he said.

Meanwhile, Banda said The Ninja President, as Winky D is affectionately known,was not disturbed by artistes who were making cover versions of the song Disappear.

“Like I said, you cannot control social media. People can do whatever they want with your song using social media. However, we are not disturbed by those doing renditions and sharing them on social media,” Banda said.

“Take for instance Us Two, it is a new group that is yet to make a name for itself on the music scene and they are using the song Disappear as their launch pad.”

Musicians like Tariro Negitare have also come up with their own cover versions of the song Disappear.

The song Disappear was released in October. It has proved to be an antidote to many who have found the going tough due to the depressed economic environment.

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