Prisoners come up with new way to satisfy desires,you won’t believe what they are doing with women’s underwear


A bizarre practice has reportedly rocked Khami Prison on the outskirts of Bulawayo amid sensational revelations that some se_x-starved male inmates have resorted to sniffing or smelling women’s panties for se_xual gratification.

The practice came to light after a stack of female panties were found in some male prison cells during routine checks.

It is alleged that investigations by the prison authorities established that the inmates were using the undies to satisfy their se_xual fantasies sometimes through masturbating and ejaculating on them.

Sources from the prison complex who spoke to and preferred strict anonymity for fear of reprisals said before the shocking practice was discovered some female inmates were always complaining that their undies were “mysteriously” vanishing from the washing lines.

It is said the male inmates were working in cahoots with some prison officers, friends and relatives who smuggle the ladies’ underwear into the prison cells.

Ladies pants

“During a search that was conducted in some male prison cells a number of female panties were discovered and when the prisoners were asked why they were in possession of female underwear that is when they confessed that they were using them to satisfy their se_xual fantasies.

“The inmates confessed that they sniff the panties and at times masturbate and ejaculate on them. After doing so they claimed the desire to have se_xual intercourse with a woman instantly eased,” said the source.

The source further alleged that prisoners who had access to panties were seen as masters as every male inmate longed for a chance to spend a night smelling it.

“Having female underwear gives who ever owns one some sort of power as everyone who wants to get their hands on that panty worships the inmate who owns it. Some are willing to go as far as ploughing fields, cleaning and also do garden maintenance for inmates who own these panties so that they can get a chance to spend a night with it,” added the source.

It is further alleged that some prisoners were even volunteering to sacrifice their food and to do chores for those who own female panties.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service public relations officer Superintendent Priscilla Mthembo dismissed the allegations as untrue.

“Those allegations are not true and if anything of that nature happened it would have quickly come to our attention but the fact that we have not received any information of that nature it means they are just rumours being spread by people who don’t know how our prisons operate.

“Moreso, to have such things happening, is difficult because even if inmates go out when coming back they will be thoroughly searched such that if they are carrying something they would have received from a relative or friend it would be easily detected,” she said.

Source-B Metro