Pregnant woman camps at ex-hubby’s doorstep in protest


ONCE beaten not shy at all?

A Bulawayo woman impregnated by her married ex-husband has resorted to sleeping at his doorstep in protest.

This came out at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Phakamani Moyo from Queenspark East was seeking a protection order against his ex-wife Progress Muremeredzo.

Moyo said Muremeredzo was disturbing his peace by teaming up with their four-year-old daughter to sleep by his doorstep.

“I was customarily married to Progress Muremeredzo and we separated after she had a child with another man during the subsistence of our marriage. She is disturbing my peace as she has been sleeping at my doorstep together with our four-year-old daughter claiming she is pregnant. By doing this she is not only emotionally abusing me but our daughter as well.

“She is also sending her relatives to my workplace to harass me saying I had impregnated her,” complained Moyo.



In response, Muremeredzo through her lawyer labelled Moyo a bed-hopper.

“The applicant (Moyo) is a bed-hopper in the sense that he alternates between two different women. He was once married to the respondent (Muremeredzo) and the marriage was terminated the main reason being there was an illegitimate child who was conceived during the subsistence of the marriage.

“Surprisingly after the marriage had been terminated he reunited with the respondent and she’s currently pregnant.

He has even gone to the extent of sending a delegation as per custom that discussions about reuniting with the respondent be made since he is the one responsible for her pregnancy.

“I think the application is being made on the basis that he is embarrassed that his wife has discovered that he is seeing his former wife. That is why they are now ganging up against the respondent,” submitted Muremeredzo’s lawyer.

When she was given the opportunity to speak she defended her actions saying since she was pregnant she visited her ex-husband’s home so that he could give her money to buy provisions for the child.

Her defence however, failed to convince the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova who granted an order which bars her from going to her ex-husband’s home.