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Possessed **rippers a hit in Gokwe




REVELLERS at Gokwe Growth Point are being fed with a new nu_de diet from st_rippers who claim to be possessed with demons of nu_dity.“Possessed”

All the way from Harare, the st_rippers have taken over Gokwe Growth Point with their art.

They go by the name Five Stars Dance Group consisting of two male dancers and three women.

However, only the female dancers get business as st_rippers and the males remain “showless” in Harare.

The stars of the show are Mayibongwe Sibanda, Nompilo Ndlovu and their leader Cleopatra Ngomambili aka Fanta.

Not until they stripped down to nothing and let men touch their private parts.

“When we are on stage, it all comes naturally. It’s a demon combined with talent so we won’t be ourselves,” said Fanta.

Money makes the world go round and so revellers demand that the dancers strip down to nothing and let them touch whatever they want.

“If we don’t entertain them fully we won’t get gigs. We are here by popular demand. They touch or see what they want because that is where our money comes from,” she added.

The three dancers are single mothers with children to feed back in Harare.

As tempting as it might be, they said after their shows they keep their distance.

“When done with our set we leave because the crowd in Gokwe is different from the ones we are used to in big cities.

These ones are really rough,” she said.

Whenever the “special ladies” hit the growth point one is assured of two weeks of adult entertainment in the sleepy cotton producing region.

“These ladies have brought life to Gokwe because at times they remove all clothes and let us see everything. They don’t leave us guessing as we also get the opportunity to have a feel of what others hide in their underwear,” said a reveller identified as Kokera.

Their sessions are held at Phuza $ (dollar) arguably the most popular club there. The owner, Bra Eddie declined to comment.


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