POLIKEM Rejoicing in marriage


It is almost four years now that I have been writing on marriage, family and sexuality. I actually marvel at the doing of the Lord when I look at the consistency that I have maintained in this area. I want to believe that you also have been blessed.

By: Kilton Moyo

However, I have met many people who discuss my articles with me and one thing that keeps coming up is how bored they are in marriage and how their spouses have lost touch and all that. There seems to be this blame game in most marriages and this confusion on who is responsible for keeping the fire burning. I just want to answer your questions through scriptures today. You see, the word of God is medicine unto all flesh. It answers all and heals all. We just have to take it seriously mostly so if you are a believer.


Marriage is a place of joy
In Proverbs 5:18-19, the Bible teaches something very profound. “Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of your youth. As a loving deer and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times, and be enraptured with her love.” It is the husband who is challenged to rejoice with or in the wife of his youth. When the husband rejoices in his wife, all these other things that come in to disrupt will be kept away. I believe that when husbands no longer rejoice in their wives, the centre no longer holds. It is our duty as husbands to keep the centre together by rejoicing with our wives and not with things. Many of us these days are rejoicing with friends, soccer, politics, business, careers, small houses at the expense of our wives, but we still expect them to submit and play their roles. I think we are contradicting the word of God and the basis of marriage. Keep rejoicing with your wife. Keep captivated by her breasts. This one is fantastic. What captivates you in your wife? Well, the Lord God, Creator of your wife, you and your marriage, says let her breasts captivate you always and let her love enrapture you. Let her love blow you out.

Maybe instead of looking for many other things to captivate us in our wives, we need to look at what God has ordained in them to captivate us and keep us fired up. It is the breasts and their love for us.

Our wives love us, beloved, we just mess with them. Looking at those other things maybe is what causes us to commit adultery? What do you think? When you look at wrong things and be captivated by wrong things, you will do wrong things. According to this scripture, it is the breasts of our wives and their love and not necessarily their hip, legs, submission, respect, cooking ability etc. I think we need just to get back to the basics and we will rejoice with our wives. I promise I will revisit this scripture again next time.

Rejoicing over your wife activates God’s joy over you
Now this one is very serious. Isaiah 62:5 says that “as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride so will your God rejoice over you.” The way you rejoice over your wife, God rejoices over you. This means that the way you treat your wife, God will treat you. If you joy over her, God returns that joy over you. Maybe if you hurt her God does likewise over you. I think this one is scary. Beloved we need to fully understand this. God does not joke with His word. As much as you rejoice over your wife, He will rejoice over you. One reason we are struggling in our marriages, families, businesses, ministries etc. is because we are ill-treating our wives.

Did you not hear what 1 Peter 3:7 said? It said dwell with them with understanding giving honour to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers may not be hindered. When we abuse them our prayers are hindered. If your prayer life is hindered what makes you think that your ministry is still blossoming?

There are many men of the cloth, who abuse their wives and still run around, as the anointed ones, deceiving themselves. Maybe your ministry is now static and there is no growth. Maybe things are just getting too hard in ministry and you wonder why. Check how you have been treating your wife of late. Maybe your business is going down too. It might not be the economic hardships but simply how you are treating your wife. I am not attacking my brothers in ministry, but many of us are struggling in life because we are not rejoicing over our wives the way we should. Instead we are rejoicing over our ministries and our sheep and our anointing and titles more than over them. I thought your wife is second only to God and not ministry and other things.

If you want God to surely rejoice over you, I suggest that you look at this scripture differently. Your wife holds the key. How you treat them holds the key. You see, beloved, marriage is a place of joy and rejoicing over each other as spouses. It is a place of joy. See how Adam rejoiced over Eve when he set his eyes on her. Do not allow that to disappear. Do not let that rejoicing and attraction be stolen by other things. Just get time to read Song of Songs and be motivated beloved. Rejoice with and in the wife of your youth.

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