Police flee roadblock after na-ked man danced in front of them


A NA_KED man caused a stir in Beitbridge on Tuesday and even forced police to abandon a roadblock when he danced unclothed in front of them.

The man said to be a Malawian national, marched in his birthday suit from Dulivhadzimo bus terminus to the border post with scores of youths following him.

He walked past police manning a roadblock near the border post and they looked aside as if nothing was happening.


For a while he walked towards the border post before making a U-turn to heard straight for the police officers.

The cops immediately deserted their post as the man took over with a swelling crowd around him.

A truck driver stopped and tried to dress him before he turned down the offer.The man is reported to have lost his goods in unclear circumstances.

He later shredded his passport and initially undressed and chased cars at the Dulivhadzimo bus terminus before making the nu_de trip to the border post.