Police chief Chihuri blames ‘poor’ Zimbabwean exiles for unrest


Police boss, Augustine Chihuri, has hit out at Zimbabwean exiles for fomenting local unrest. Speaking in an interview with a local radio station on Thursday, Chihuri said Zimbabwean exiles were seeking regime change because they were suffering abroad.

From 2000, millions trekked out of the country to seek economic and political refuge due to a mounting crisis at home. They have been vocal against President Robert Mugabe’s government which they accuse of forcing them away from home through human rights abuses, worsening unemployment, persecution and bad leadership.

Hundreds of them have in recent years become victims of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, while thousands others have expressed their willingness to return home once the economic and political situation improves.

Mugabe has in the past pleaded with the exiles to return home and help rebuild the economy, but has been unflinching in denying them polling rights.

More than a million Zimbabweans are estimated to have relocated to these countries over the last decade and a half, mainly to escape the economic crisis back home.



If the situation was greener in the Diaspora, people there wouldn’t be complaining, I am telling you. They are complaining because the situation there is tough. Why, if it is all that rosy where they are.. should they be talking about where they are not?

“You got a chance. You’re there (so) why do you complain about what’s happening here? It’s a clear indication that the situation is tough,” said Chihuri.

Thousands of Zimbabweans protested against the Mugabe establishment in July and government authorities blamed a “Third Force”, particularly those living in South Africa.

Police recently indicated that they were looking for three “terrorists” based in South Africa and Australia over alleged abuse of social media to call for regime change in Zimbabwe.
The police chief vowed to crush further protests.

“Toy-toying along Robert Mugabe Way in the city centre (in Harare) will not bring bread to your tables. As the police, we will be on high alert, making sure that these violent protests do not occur,” said Chihuri.

Police violently crushed the July demonstrations that were held against corruption, bad leadership and unpopular policies, with hundreds being thrown into jail.