Pimp hubby H00kER wife nabbed for robbery


A Bulawayo man, who allegedly pimped his hooker wife, waylaid her clients and robbed them, has appeared in court.

First Sibanda (24) and his wife Sipho Dube (19) of Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Abednico Ndebele charged with robbery.

An unarmed man said to be their accomplice is still at large.

The couple pleaded guilty to attacking and robbing one of Dube’s clients.

Mr Ndebele remanded them out of custody to December 14, when they will appear before Magistrate Stephen Ndhlovu.

Sibanda would allegedly take his wife to a popular night spot where she sold her body for cash.

Dube would allegedly lure the men into a Honda Fit where her husband pretended to be a passenger.

Sibanda and the accomplice would attack the clients as soon as they disembarked.


Pimp my wife


Magistrate Ndebele asked Dube what it was like to be in the same vehicle with her husband and her “catch” prompting chuckles from the gallery.

“So you were together in the car with your husband and your “catch.” How much had you charged for your services?” asked the magistrate.

For the State, Mr Mufaro Mageza said the couple’s luck ran out when they attacked Mr David Chibage (38) of Selborne Park suburb more than two weeks ago.

“On November 29 this year at around 3AM, the complainant met the second accused person (Dube) at a nightclub and the complainant paid her $20. They agreed to spend the night at Dube’s place in Cowdray Park suburb,” said Mr Mageza.

They then boarded a Honda Fit vehicle together with the first accused and 3rd accused who is still at large and other passengers.

The Honda Fit dropped them at Cowdray Park Primary School and the other two male accused persons disembarked.

The woman then told the complainant that she needed to use the toilet and then excused herself.

She left the complainant with her two accomplices.

The court heard that the two men, Sibanda and one who has not yet been identified, threatened the complainant with an Okapi knife and searched him.

They took away his cellphone and $44 cash. Only $8 was recovered from the stolen property