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Passion Java announces his intention to hack Winky D’s YouTube account following a diss song

Controversial prophet Passion Java has threatened to hack Winky D’s YouTube account following a ‘diss’ song.

Passion Java took to his Facebook page to announce that he had seen Winky D’s YouTube account disappearing in a spiritual vision.

Passion Java said the Zimdancehall musician’s YouTube account had ‘disappeared’ because of a diss song.

“Hanzi diss song chi.. chi… ndawona mumweya YouTube account yese yangoshaikwa pa internet.!
(2023 igore re Jongwe 🐓),” he  wrote.”

While it is not clear which song Passion Java is referring to as the diss song, fans have speculated that the outspoken cleric is referring to Shaker, featuring fellow Zimdancehall crooner Enzo Ishall.

In the song off his latest album Eureka Eureka, Winky D and Enzo Ishall speak of a rich person known as Mbinga in Zimbabwean street lingo who has lost it all.

After announcing his intention to hack Winky D’s YouTube account, Facebook users took to the comments section to warn Passion Java of the consequences such an act carries.

Source: IHarare

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