Outrage over STUNNER and OLINDA drama – creating unnecessary hype on social media.


People have expressed outrage at the drama between hip hop musician Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme and his wife Olinda Chapel, saying the whole incident was demeaning and bent on creating unnecessary hype on social media.

Unconfirmed reports say Stunner has since released a single over the issue.

Last week, Stunner and his wife, Olinda grabbed headlines on various media platforms after she spewed vitriol on the musician’s personal life on allegations of infidelity.

Olinda – in an emotive video shoot – narrated how she was heartbroken by her husband’s infidelity.

According to Olinda, Stunner had to chosen to ignore her sacrifices by ensuring that his life and that of his children was being taken care of.

Olinda labelled Stunner an ungrateful ‘philanderer’ who was bent on plundering her money and resources with a coterie of girlfriends, while she was busy working in the United Kingdom.

The woman later posted another video apologising to the world and that they had since resolved their differences and the couple was back together.

“That was childish and it was not supposed to have happened,” said Tariro Musenda of Mabvuku.

“Well, while marital problems are common, the distinction between a good and a useless couple is measured by the way they solve their problems.



Stunner and his wife should be cognisant of the fact that all couples have conflicts at some time owing to strong emotional connection that comes with love, expectations and commitment,” she said.

Another music fan who refused to be named said conflict was common in relationships, but what was important was the ability to manage it.

“They also need to bear in mind that conflict can sometimes be healthy in a relationship.

“What is important is how couples work through the problem, in a respectful manner, which promotes and encourages dialogue.”

The fan added that instead of finding a better solution to address her problems with her husband, Olinda used the Internet to break her silence, calling her husband all sorts of names and telling the world that Stunner was a ‘spineless man’, who depended on her on everything.

She revealed that she was the person behind Stunner’s career as a musician, the one who had been responsible for the upkeep of Stunner’s children, including clothing him, not to mention the cars he had flaunting around town.

It was a blow the belt for the musician, who has got a penchant for the fine things in life.

“The couple does not respect each other because the worst a couple can do is to climb on the rooftops heralding their problems to the world and later claim to be love birds.

“People like Olinda should not abuse the internet and use it as a mechanism to draw attention and sympathy from the general public who has better thing to do that listening and watching her videos attacking her husband and later apologise profusely,” said Phillip Murahwe of Murehwa.

Over the years, the proliferation of digital tools and instant protocols of communication has resulted in many people using these to vent their anger, and frustrations to their loved ones and business partners.

And most people have since developed a habit of turning to social media to humiliate their spouses after a break-up or over various issues.