One night stand with strange lady of the night backfires for a married man-aya ndoanonzi ma1 chayiwo


One night of pleasure spent with a strange woman has backfired for a city man as the lover has turned aggressive towards him, a court has heard. Tandera Gotora was not eager to explain the nature of his relationship with Chipo Samanyanga but later opened up to the court that he had only spent a night with the woman, who was now breaching his peace. Quizzed by the court why he had indicated in his founding affidavit that Chipo was his ex-girlfriend, Tandera finally opened up saying:


She is not my girlfriend. In fact we never had a relationship. The thing is, it was a one night affair,” said Tandera.

He approached the Harare civil court seeking a peace order against Chipo. Tandera alleged that Chipo has been insulting him since their se_xual encounter.

“She has not stopped insulting me since the night we spent together. We exchanged numbers and she has been sending me insulting text messages. She has also threatened to hire thugs to beat me up. I am now scared because I think she is actually capable of doing the things she has threatened to do,” he said.

Chipo however, was not present to give her side of the story. In absentia Chipo was ordered to restrain from verbally abusing Tandera and also to desist from threatening to assault him. Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda presided over the matter.