Nyoro paBeach kuDurban nemukadzi weBest Friend yangu


Nyoro paBeach kuDurban nemukadzi weBest Friend yangu. My name is TK and It was my first time in Durban and i thanked my friend Tafadzwa and his wife Charity for taking me along on this trip. I was also angry at my girlfriend who cancelled the trip last minute. She said she had to go to her Rural home because her gogo was sick. I understood what she meant but still i was angry coz Durban is not a place to be single. Everywhere i looked i saw couples in Hot bikinis having a blast and Charity tried by all means to make me feel welcome.

We were staying at Durban Spa.. The place is nice with a nice pool. I went to the pool and asked Tafadzwa to take me a few pics so i could send my girlfriend and show off for a bit. He was busy on his laptop and told Charity to take the pics. Charity came over and said “how do you want the pics TK?, i suggest make them hooot to make her miss you more…” I smiled and asked how i could make them extra hooot… She told me to just follow her directions and so i did.

First she told me to take off my shirt to show off my six pack… yes Masasi i have a six pack… she snapped a few pics and told me to lie down with my legs in the pool. I did as she said and she kept taking pics. I have never felt so excited by taking pics but she made me feel special and i loved the attention. She kept taking pics and giving me compliments until we both froze when we heard Tafadzwa shouting and we looked his way to see him cursing and shouting on the phone. According to him, a server caught fire and clients were calling him demanding to know why their websites were offline.

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