Nkomo family guard ‘murderer’ arrested


Police have arrested a man suspected to have killed a security guard employed by the family of the late Vice President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo in Bulawayo.

A neighbour found the body of Yowane Ngwenya (24) at Granite Site near Mqabuko Heights on Saturday.

Allegations are that Ngonidzashe Mutasa (24), an unlicensed driver, ran over Ngwenya as he attempted to flee after being caught stealing sand.

Bulawayo Magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya yesterday did not ask Mutasa to plead to a murder charge and remanded him in custody to December 7.

Prosecuting, Miss Liane Nkomo told the court that on Friday last week, Mutasa went to Granite Site where he poached sand




Accused was spotted by the now deceased stealing sand and loading it onto his truck. The now deceased tried to apprehend the accused but he jumped into his truck. He started the engine and the now deceased tried to block the truck by putting stones on the road,” said Miss Nkomo.

She said Mutasa intentionally ran over Ngwenya and sped off.

He was arrested on Monday.

“Evidence before this court linking accused to the offence is that accused confessed to committing the offence. There were witnesses present and the truck that accused was driving was recovered and is being held as an exhibit,” said Miss Nkomo.

The State opposed bail on the basis that the offence Mutasa committed is capital and if convicted he may be sentenced to a lengthy jail term.

“The gravity of his offence may cause him to abscond trial. There is also a risk that accused may interfere with State witnesses since most of them are his employees. Accused person is not gainfully employed, he survives on sand poaching which may trigger commission of a similar offence,” said Miss Nkomo.