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Neighbour accused of eating human flesh




A HARARE woman, Christine Ngwerume, has taken her neighbour to court seeking a peace order against her after being accused of stocking and eating human flesh.court

Ngwerume told Civil Court magistrate Barbara Mateko that Eniton Zerema was making her life miserable because of constant insults and accusations.

Ngwerume told the court that because their houses faced each other, Zemera was able to see what would be happening in her kitchen to the extent that she could monitor what her neighbour was eating.

“Whenever she sees my kids eating meat, she starts shouting, saying they are eating human flesh. She claims my husband brings the human flesh from the funeral parlour where he works,” she said.

Ngwerume further told the court Zerema, at one point, accused her of attempting to kill her through the latter’s maid.

“She once claimed I had given her maid poison to put in her food, before she eventually fired her from employment,” she said.

In response, Zerema dismissed the claims as unfounded, saying Ngwerume was the one who was in the habit of starting verbal fights and accusing her (Zemera) of witchcraft, while boasting of being a Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries member.

“On many occasions in the mornings, she mocks me, saying I had failed to bewitch her during the night because she is (Prophet Walter) Magaya’s child,” Zerema said.

She told the court Ngwerume was in the habit of meddling in her family’s affairs, to the extent of asking her maid how much food they ate per meal.

“She asks my maid funny questions, such as how many cups of rice she would have boiled for lunch,” Zerema said.

In her determination, Mateko granted a peace order, instructing the two women to desist from verbally abusing each other.