Ndakavhunduka nekunakirwa nebeche remukadzi wefriend yangu!


Ndakavhunduka nekunakirwa nebeche remukadzi wefriend yangu! Ndine shamwari yangu anonzi Mike toshanda tese and most of the times we hang out together. We meet once in a while to drink and play darts pakamwe kalocal bar. He is married and I am divorced saka vanogara vachindiseka kuti i am a moving time bomb nenyere.

One weekend we decided to go kuLake Chivero to relax and have a bit of fun. Mike’s wife invited her colleague to come join us as a blind date for me. Musi wekuLake wakasvika and Mike was on call kubasa saka we went with 2 cars iye akauya neyekubasa. We were supposed to pick up the other lady paDZ turnoff but after waiting for 45 minutes she said she could not make it. So we went the 3 of us and me feeling like a third wheel. When we got there the place was packed sesummer kudai vamwe vachiita maparty and we set up our braai stand and started off the fire. We were drinking and braaing hedu and Mike’s wife Chenge kept on comforting me telling me that I will find my Mrs Right soon.

We were there almost an hour when Mike was called back to work to attend to a fault. Since there was still time he said he would fix the issue and rush back sezvo kwainzi the problem was small. Transformer was overheating so the oil change would not take time. Akaenda ndokutisiya takamira paBraai stand nemukadzi wake Chenge who was drinking Amarula. She loved the stuff zvekuti aipedza kana 2 mabottles ega. She tends to get playful kana anwa so on her 3rd glass she was running towards the water achiseka nekufara hake.

I didn’t expect to have fun but the way Chenge was acting ndakaseka and had fun trying to control her movements ndaitya kuti with the way she was drunk she would drown akasvika pamvura. Ndakamutevera ndokumutora ndokudzoka naye close to braai stand and she was just laughing. Akandijambira ndokundipa hug achitaura zvake “i know you are lonely Max, here is a hug for you” Ndakangoti unopenga Chenge and hugged her back. Kutamba chiramu here and there was welcome with us but nothing more. But somehow i thought Chenge was just acting drunk sezvo I have seen her drinking more than a bottle alone asina kudhakwa. But i just played along.

I texted Mike and he said he was almost done and would be soon on the way. That was at around 3pm. I had managed to sit Chenge down and we were talking but she was very loud and someone aida kutaura zvesviro. She asked me “when last did you get some?” Ndakati “excuse me?” Akabva aseka akati “you want me to spell it out for you?, wakapedzisira when kusvira Max?” Ndakanzwa chando ndichinzwa Chenge achitaura izvi. Never in a million years would i have expected her to ask such. Ndakashaya chekutaura ndikangoseka and from that she said “ooh no don’t tell me its that long?, saka for real you are a walking time bomb” Tese takaseka and akasimuka ndokunanga pandiri and sat pamakumbo pangu. Firstly i was shocked and then second ndakarohwa nenyere heavy coz mazuva anga awanda ndisati ndasvira’. She was tempting me and i didn’t know how to get out of this situation.

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