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Ndakamudya MBORO mubhazi Akasekerera



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I met an amazing boy one weekend . He took me round the world and back!
it was as if I stepped out of myself and went for a joy ride. I have never been a touchy touchy person , truth be told most girls don’t like men who can’t keep their hands to themselves especially on a first date, well in my case this was no date at all , this was a stranger I sat next to on a bus , not necessarily a stranger , mukomana uyu ainzi Kells , ndaimuziva I wasn’t sure if he would remember me .

Kells ndakazosangana naye mu bus years later, from zim to sa. I picked him from 30m away right in the middle of a crowd . How could i forget that firm jaw line those piercing eyes the hairy fairly brown hands . At first i thought i was mistaken. . I mingled in the crowd towards him completly forgetting ndandakatobvaruka zvangu , ndakapfeka reverse just looking funny. I felt kachi excitement , i smiled a little , butterflies in my stomach , i was even picking my pace.

As i got closer i realized akamira ne girlfriend yake , i stopped moving my face went cold. . The butterflies were gone.but I could see kuti girlfriend irikusara. . . So i waited kuti tipinde mubus made sure I sat next to him . After small talk it did not take a genius to figure the chemistry between me and this guy. He hardly remembered me but that didn’t matter , I didn’t mind starting from scratch .ladies, let me tell you something , guys know , they know, when you want them they know Shem.

Guy turned out to be a touchy touchy person and for the first time in my life this caught me off guard I actually enjoyed his warm hairy hands on my thighs, in my head silently I begged him to go upwards … poor soul had no idea how bad, how nasty, how kinky how dirty I wanted him.
We flirted we talked we laughed, it did not take a genius to figure out the chemistry. Like any other 16hr journey, fatigue crawls up, pple tend dose off and this boy fell victim. The more I starred at him whilst he slept the more I drooled, kuzasi kwangu kwaipfurapfura Ndichinzwa kakunyorovera minyatso yangu yakaoma kuti Gwaa . I had to act on impulse chete I did not care.. Ooh but wait, the 65yr old man seated across the bus had a clear view of us ,one bad move would get us kicked off the bus.
My new found darling had dosed off and that did not sit well with me, I wanted him to wake up. I wanted him to keep telling me sweet nothings kungofadza nzeve, if I had a dollar for every time he told me I was beautiful, sexy , fierce and crazy I would buy a pair of Giuseppe zanotti size 8.
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