Ndakabatwa ndichinyenga mukadzi waBoss…


Kubva last year pandakaona Manager wangu achizvambura secretary muOffice ndaive nehasha dzekuda revenge chaiyo sezvo ini ndaidawo kaSecretary aka.

Sezvinoi mukadzi waBoss akauya kubasa she was helping out to do data capture se one of the part time workers…  As I was in charge I got phone number yake and ndokufunga kuti ndokubata sei mukadzi uyu.Ndakaita kunge akanganisa one of the things pabasa and when she immediately replied begging me not to tell her hubby the Boss about the mistake I knew ndapinda. I told her I had everything resolved but we then started chatting hedu.

Ndakamukandira kaHie and she  replied and we got chatting…  I would want to say we got closer but up to now I don’t know who I was talking to anymore.  Because I remember I saw her musi uyu akapfeka kahembe kaibata holding her pink phone a Samsung Galaxy Note I think. I smiled and she smiled back and as I got into my office I sent her a message saying “you look amazing how I wish I could just…..”  her reply was “just what…”

I was immediately called to the office by the Boss just after I replied the message say “just take you to a hotel room and do things to you…”  I got into the office and  the first thing I saw was her phone on the manager’s desk. It was on the charger he seemed cool enough and wanted  to ask on the progress of the data capture.  I gave him info but from that moment I got lost as in who I was chatting to.  I never asked anymore or send her a message I just stopped…  If it was you what would you have done?