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NAKKKED man wearing just a backpack is spotted buying tickets at a packed train station




Passengers travelling through Tokyo’s Akihabara Station were greeted with the bizarre sight of a man wearing nothing but his backpack

His fellow commuters quickly snapped pictures of him casually buying tickets from a machine and shared the images online.

While the local police acted just as quickly and escorted the man away, the photographs from Sunday have already had thousands of views online.

The unidentified man was spotted at the busy train station around 2pm on Sunday.

He only had the backpack on him and wasn’t even wearing any shoes.

Photographs shared on Twitter by several different people show the man rummaging in his backpack before using the ticket machines.

Passengers near him look visibly confused by his brazen display.


But within five minutes of the man of being spotted, he was surrounded by five police officers.

They wrapped him in blankets before escorting him from the station.

Several passersby snapped images of the man during the five-minute incident.

One Twitter user, shinkusama05, has had her images shared more than 11,000 times since it appeared on Sunday.

Many commented about whether the man was a nudist while other wondered if it was some kind of new fetish.

The Akihabara district is known as the electronics district of Tokyo with many shops retailing gadgets.

However, the area is also home to numerous shops focusing on the anime and manga culture as well as cafes where fans can play dress up or sit with waitresses in costumes.

It’s currently not known why the man was wandering around naked

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