Mystery at memorial service as remains of strange beast are discovered in late gogo’s room


A Wedza family was Sunday shocked to discover a decomposing body of a yet to be identified beast in the room where the deceased’s belongings were locked in.

Chibwe family kept the late Gogo Chibwe’s belongings in a room two months ago when she passed on and gathered to distribute her belongings when they met the bizzare incident.



The incident took place in Goto Zisanhi village forcing the family to seek assistance from traditional healers and faith healers, according to the family spokesperson Edmore Tirivanhu Gwengwe.

“We were shocked to see a dead beast and we all failed to identify what type of the beast that we were left shell shocked,” said Edmore.

“The deceased passed on two months ago and her belongings were stashed in one room and how the beast got into a locked room remains a mystery.

“The door was locked and the body is in its decomposed state that it could have happened few days after the burial, mhuri yakutogara pasi kuti vaende kunobvunzira either from faith healers or traditional healers.

“Memorial service has since been stopped following this incident and the late was 80 years,” he added.