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My wife smells in bed




A simple maintenance application turned nasty after a Westlea woman revealed that her husband had thrown her out of her matrimonial bedroom accusing her of smelling.



This was revealed after Slahliwe Charamba had dragged her hubby, Yubon Charamba to the maintenance court claiming $450 maintenance for herself and her two minor children.

Mutare magistrate, Mrs Yeukai Chigodora, however, ordered Charamba to pay $200 as maintenance towards the upkeep of his children and wife starting January 31, 2016.

Slahliwe described her husband as a ladies’ man who was neglecting his family for three other women.

“My husband is the definition of errant and promiscuous.

“As I speak he has three other women and an illegitimate child that he is already paying maintenance for.

“He threw me out of our matrimonial bedroom accusing me of producing a bad odor and disturbing his fresh air in the bedroom.

“Your Worship, I have been sleeping in the dining room for a long time ago.

“I can no longer tolerate his verbal and physical abuse

I have to move out with immediate effect,” she said.

Yubon Charamba, however, dismissed the claims that he earned $500 from his job as a mechanic and a lot more from his downtown company.

He said he earned $175 and $30 from his part time jobs.

He challenged his wife’s claims that he had thrown her out of their bedroom.

“Your Worship, she is the one who claims that I am promiscuous and because of that she moved out of our bedroom saying that she did not want me to infect her with HIV which I am free of,” he said.

Yubon claimed that he had heard from the grapevine that his wife wanted to move out.

“I am surprised to hear that she wants to move today.

“We never talked about that before. The problem is that my wife is bitter because I am paying maintenance for my illegitimate child,” he explained to the court.

He begged the court that he be ordered to pay $45 towards his wife and children’s upkeep, but the court would not hear of it after Slahliwe produced receipt books for his part time jobs.

“You are to pay $50 as maintenance for your wife and $150 as maintenance for your two minor children monthly, failure of which will warrant your arrest,” warned Mrs Chigodora.


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